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the art work on this web site originates from the surfaces found on dumped burnt out cars
I had been taking my camera around scrap yards finding a wealth of interest photographing the many parts, old models and even the cutting and lifting machines used on the site. Initially this was to experiment with images to use as a basis for my large oil paintings. One day, while walking my dog I came across what turned out to be my first beautiful model.

I took shots as if it was one of the cars in the scrap yard but when I started to work on these photographs on my computer I realised that there was an even larger scope for manipulation before distortion or destruction of the original file.

As I started to work from the photographs to paint these pictures more and more people looked over my shoulder and said “WOW” and when this happened and happened again I decided to investigate a new area of marketing my photography.
When I paint I use these images as reference material, I’m excited by the textures and surfaces and I’m continually exploring different ways to illustrate their unique beauty, the paintings have many materials added to the oil paint; they include parts salvaged from the vehicle, pieces of glass, mirror and sand. I go searching workshops for iron filings and swarf particles from lathes; these are then soaked in water to rust into the picture. Rope and fabrics are also applied using the thick paint as glue.
The cars used to be found in park and wasteland around the West Midlands although recently I have had a lot of trouble finding them, the local authorities have with a great deal of success curbed the number of cars vandalised in this way. There is also a theory that those who used to steal the cars have grown up and found new interests or are locked up in prisons and detention centres. for further iniforamtion on how I find the burnt out cars visit my blog
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