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It all started on the morning drive along the motorway to the office, when John Garghan suddenly decided to leave the “rat race” of software development to pursue the professional practise of an artist.
This sudden moment of “seeing the light” has led to many new experiences, none that could have been envisaged on that drive, because the original plan was to paint views of near by Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and the Cotswolds and also continue the passion for painting cricket scenes.
From the start the business commitment included two very important criteria’s
1. high quality product, using the best materials and presentation
2. through training courses make improvements in both the art form and working in the arts as a business
In pursuit of the developing of the practise, John began a Fine Art degree (BA Hons) and it was through this investigative and experimental learning that he was pushed into challenging and new areas. the results of his thought provoking sculpture have been exhibited at the Light House Gallery, Wolverhampton.
A digital camera is now constantly at hand while searching through scrap yards or walking Sally the dog through the woods. the pursuit of a unique image to base an oil canvas churned up thousands of now deleted photos, but the result of an almost castaway click taken on a damp January morning has been expanded into the photography and digital art form that is included on this web site.
Past business experience of managing companies in diverse industries such as health and safety, computing and radio production have provided a wealth of understanding in operating a well organised structure to operate from.