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  first of all my blog "You Will Never Look at Them In The Same Way Again"

Dairy of my art practise: the unusual subject of my photography, there are stories behind every piece of work I have been shot at and arrested while getting THE picture. Then finally selling the art in exhibitions and festivals.

  suppliers GreatArt – The UK’s largest range of quality art materials.
  galleries - interior design companies Rowans Gallery - Brackley Northamptonshire
    you can see my work displayed at Rowans Gallery
    Art For Offices - London - International Art Consultants
    Designs UK - Art Consultancy
  art websites - forums - groups Solihull Artist Forum
    is a dynamic organisation of professional visual and contemporary craft based artists who work to raise the profile of arts in the Solihull area
    I was selected for the Arts and Business project Virtual.
Virtual promotes art to the business community through intranet sites and exhibitions
    great professional skills development for photographers
    Saatchi Online
    My Saatchi Online page
    My Flickr photo website featuring:
    "The Last Snow Ever To Fall In Yardley Wood"
    "365 project" - my commitment to take a photo every day in 2009
    "The Day Job" - Many more of my car photographs